Want to quit smoking? Here is your guide to success!

Want to quit smoking? Here is your guide to success!

Is vaping safer than cigarettes? How do I know I can quit? Where do I go for my vape needs? Can I just start with the cheapest product? Why does this feel overwhelming?

These are the most common questions we receive from people who are new to the vape world and are ready to quit smoking but have no idea where to start. Good news! We have developed a SIMPLE 4 step guide for all to follow when going on the journey of transitioning to vaping and kicking cigarettes to the curb for good!

It might seem overwhelming, but we have created a 4 stage very simple process to follow that will make you feel at peace knowing that is all it takes to accomplish what you thought was impossible! 

STEP 1: Find your home store!

I think the most important step in this guide is this one. Finding a home store is top priority in being successful to quitting smoking. The qualities to look for in a home store is QUALITY. From quality products to a quality staff that has proper knowledge is a huge factor to your success. You want to be able to walk in and ask good questions and get honest answers. Not just be sold on the next best thing because they make money on it. There are so many products out there from disposables to high end collectable vapes that you want what works for you! Even if you have to try a couple stores you will know where your home is. At our locations we take pride in only carrying quality name brands that have testing, batch numbers, serial numbers, QR codes and have followed the CDC guidelines on manufacturing. Alongside our genuine staff who care about your journey and take pride in truly helping you reach your goals!


STEP 2: Find the right device for you!

With thousands of vape brands in the market, it can seem overwhelming to find something that works for you. Smok, Geekvape, Lost Vape, Voopoo, iJoy, Eleaf, Sigelei, Innokin, etc... the list goes on for brands! But we do that job for you at our locations. No need to worry, we do the hard part for you and research, try and use most products before bringing them into store. That way we know what is reliable, convenient and quality before selling it to our customers. When you start your search on the right device, we will ask many questions to figure out what will work best for your style. From how you like to hit and inhale the vape to the size and durability we got you covered with our knowledge! Once we found the device for you we now move on to the fun step!


STEP 3: Find the perfect flavor!


Vape flavors have to be the best part about vaping. With so many options it makes it simple and fun to find a flavor that you can enjoy. Keep in mind why this is so important, you are changing from a smokey burning cigarette to a flavorful smooth hit. So some people actually still enjoy a tobacco flavor such as .... More then about 70% of vapers actually enjoy non tobacco flavors! You want to make sure you find the flavor you can do ALL DAY! The reason why this is so important is when you get sick of that flavor you will find yourself just grabbing a cigarette instead. You need to be able to enjoy your flavor morning til night, after a coffee, after you eat, even after brushing your teeth. Sometimes having a few flavor choices is recommended to ensure you keep off those cigarettes! After you find that perfect all day vape, your onto your final step!

STEP 4: Have a backup plan!

We have made it to the final step! A refreshing last step that is just a recommendation but might save you from going backwards. As all vapes work they require either a battery or a charger to keep it running. When that battery dies you are now left with nothing to vape. Typically when this happens, you are now feeling like you will just bum a cigarette till you get your vape back in order. This is why step 4 was created! Having a backup plan can save you from regression! Lets keep moving forward. So the best options to have with you for emergencies are: extra batteries, extra juice, or even an extra vape such as a disposable.
There are many disposable brand and types that they are the best convenient way to keep on hand and enjoy. Escobars, Elf Bars, MRKT Place, MNKY bars the list goes on! Having one on hand is very helpful as a backup plan.


We have reached the end of your guide to success. Follow these simple 4 steps and say goodbye to cigarettes forever! Being in the industry for 9 years, I can proudly say our stores have helped hundreds of people like you quit the habit overnight. We have had doctors, 80 year old men who have been smoking for 60 years, young 20 year olds that want to stop before its too late, smokers of all ages and groups that just need someone who cares enough to help them succeed! We are your store. Come on in and see one of our genuine members to get you started!

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